Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photography photos

That is my friend Eugene posing while he is doing something serious. I think that students should do something serious like what he is doing.
That is a pose of me doing the victory sign of famous athlete Usain Bolt. I think that he is interesting and he shows the signs of a real champion.
That is me and my friend Norman discussing something important.
Norman, he has the potential of a student leader. So I pose him so people can know more about him


  1. I think that the 2nd picture is the best out of the 4, as firstly, it has a good lighting such that the main focus can be seen clearly. Secondly, it has a diagonal line going across the picture, so the picture looked more artistic. Finally, the bars along the ceiling gave the picture depth which made that picture a great picture.

  2. I think that the second picture is the best also. It has depth and it is shot is a very artistic angle. The lightning is also good. The picture has only one main lead and no distractions in the background. The main lead's face is position in the 1/3 rule. A good picture.

  3. I feel that the second picture is the best out of all as the lighting is good, there is depth, the lines are good as it helps to make a mood for the photo and is a powerful element. The lighting needs to be improved for the other photographs but overall the photos are quite good but i believe he can improve his skills even more.

  4. I think that the lighting for the second picture is very good and this makes the second picture the best among the four of the pictures shown above. The posture of the model is also enticing and the picture fulfills all the rules of a good picture. I think the other pictures are not as good because of the bad lighting and the wrong positions

  5. I think that second picture is good.
    The lightings are good
    The model in the picture create a lot of thinking in me
    the picture follows the 3x3 rule
    The ceiling gives the picture a little bit of depth.